Zero-In Concept & Production  is an events organizer and below the line marketing (BTL) run by Jennifer Maliwanag. Joining her is a pool of creative and marketing associates. The company carries with its twelve (12) years of organizing, marketing, advertising and producing events/concerts. 

Zero-In Concept & Production have been involved with community services and supported charities since the production's inception in 2000.


  • Run by a team of young professionals, fresh ideas come from the team which is comprised of young and talented individuals. Creativity is innate in all of us and we aim to put them in action.
  • We provide second-to-none cost-effective concept-driven marketing solutions and help our clients grow with great concept and one of a kind marketing solutions that work!
  • We provide turn-key creative solutions and we take pride in providing the highest level of customer service.
  • We also know that each client has its own unique strengths, challenges, and personality. We treat all our clients, no matter how small, as though they are our most important client.
  • We just don’t come up with ideas, we do our best to execute well what was planned.
  • Our top most priority is the satisfaction of our clients and we observe a great sense of loyalty to the brand.


Producer, Production, Conceptualization, Casting,  Events Management, Fundraising, Concerts, Fashion Show, Sports, Car Show, Premiere Nights, Blocked Screening, Banquet Entertainment Trips, Picnics, Festival, Open Cultures, Management , Marketing, Publication, Promotional Presentation, Stage Management, Event Management
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